Stable Booking Form

 Horses  Arrival/Departure  Hook Up
Number Of Horses
Gelding Total
Stables will be provided empty (NO BEDDING)
Only Shavings will be permitted in the
permanent stables.
Shavings can be purchased on site at £8.00 per bale.  
Bookings run from 5pm–5pm – YOU MAY NOT ARRIVE AFTER 10pm

Prices – £50 for one night, £70 for two nights or £90 for three nights

Day Stables – £25 per day (9am – 5pm)

Electric Hookup – £20 a night, £40 for two, £50 for three or more

Haylage and Hay can be pre-ordered from Country Equestrian 01869 277742

On arrival at Addington you will be required to give a £10 deposit per stable (DO NOT SEND WITH BOOKING). To get the deposit back at the end of the show the stable must be completely cleared out and left empty of bedding. If a deposit is not taken, any stable left dirty will result in a £10 charge. All Bedding must be removed from stables when you leave.

Name Of Show
Rider Name
Town/city Vehicle Reg For Hook Up
County Telephone Number
Postcode E-mail Address
(Contact details will be used for the purpose of this competition only and will not be shared with third parties)


Please enclose a cheque made payable to ‘Addington Manor EC ‘ or fill out the credit card details below:
Credit Card Payment
This payment option is only available at certain venues.
Please check special notes section in the competition schedule. Card details will be destroyed after payment has been taken.
Name On Card Expiry Date
Card Number Start Date
CCV Number
Issue Number

Please Print and Send to AMEC